Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Most Horrible Person Ever

First nominee: Lisa Miller of Lynchburg, VA.

Lisa Miller wasn't always horrible. In 2000, Lisa Miller was happily living in a committed civil-union relationship with Janet Jenkins in Vermont. Through some sort of procedure, she became the biological mother of baby Isabella.


And they should have all lived happily ever after, but in 2003, the couple split up and Lisa Miller moved to Virginia with little Isabella to be near family. Okay, that sort of thing happens to a lot of couples. It's sad, but not villainous. But wait. there's more. So much more.

At some point, Lisa Miller got religion. And decided that she was going to just stop being a lesbian. (Also stop having brown eyes and being right-handed)

Okay, that's really sad, but if Ms. Miller wants to suppress her sexuality and live a life of lies and misery, that's her choice. But here's where it gets really horrible. In a fit of self-loathing, Ms. Miller decided
"I do not feel safe leaving my daughter with her, and I believe I have a God-given and constitutional right to raise my child as I see fit. There is a homosexual agenda at work here, and Isabella is a pawn in their game. It has nothing to do with the law."

So just because she is pretending to not be a lesbian anymore, suddenly lesbians are not safe to leave children with? Ms. Miller, when you were still being honest about who you are, how many times did you abuse little Isabella? Were you ever neglectful of your daughter during the gay part of your life? Was Janet Jenkins? Of course not. So where the hell do you get off saying that you don't feel safe leaving her with her other mommy?

So that's pretty horrible. But it gets worse. Much worse.

Miller has, since her conversion, tried to keep Jenkins from seeing their daughter. According to the Rutland, VT Herald:

[Her] biological mother has only brought her to two visits
with her nonbiological parent during the last two years.

Then Miller went so far as to file for sole custody of Isabella, stating that Ms. Jenkins had no parental rights since she was not a biological parent.

"It would be like handing my child over to the milkman," she says. (source)

The court refused her petition and granted visitation rights to Ms. Jenkins. Ms. Miller has repeatedly refused to comply with the court's order.
It got so bad, that back in November, a judge ordered that custody be given to Janet Jenkins.

In a 21-page order, Judge William Cohen granted sole custody of 7-year-old Isabella Miller to her nonbiological but court-recognized parent, Janet Jenkins. . . After finding Miller in contempt of court earlier this year for denying Jenkins access to Isabella, Cohen said he decided the only way to ensure the child equal access to both parents was to switch custody. [because Janet Jenkins, after all she's been through, still wants her daughter to have visitation with Lisa Miller]

"In the long term, the change in custody will be in (Isabella's) best interests as she will have the opportunity for maximum continuing physical and emotional contact with both parents," he said, adding that both parents were equal in terms of stability, financial resources, emotional availability and other considerations required for child rearing.

Where they weren't equal, he said, was in their willingness to work together. While Miller has repeatedly and consistently blocked Jenkins' access to Isabella, the judge said Jenkins has agreed to allow Miller access and would allow Isabella to continue to attend church events with her other parent.

But Lisa Miller never met a court order she didn't want to violate, so she has taken young Isabella and disappeared. She was to have turned over the child on Jan. First. On Jan. 22, Judge Cohen gave Ms. Miller 30 days to appear in court with the child. Surprisingly, Ms. Miller has yet to comply.

"Every day I wonder where she is, and if she's OK," said Janet Jenkins, of Fair Haven, Vt. "Every time the phone rings, I hope it is someone calling to tell me they have found her."

Miller attorney Rena Lindevaldsen said she had no recent contact with Miller and asked to withdraw from the case, saying she couldn't represent her adequately without knowing what Miller wants. (source)

Rena Lindevaldsen is a member of something called the 'Liberty Council."

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I think they have aome affiliation with Liberty University which was founded by Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell or one of those ass-hats.

Here is what Ms. Lindevaldsen has to say about the case:

I know you are busy, but trust me when I tell you that the few minutes it will take to read this letter will be well-spent and life-changing. I’d like to tell you about Lisa Miller — my client, my friend, my sister in Christ, and mother of six-year old Isabella.

My friend, my sister, but I have no idea where she is!

On October 27, 2008, a Vermont judge is holding a hearing to determine whether little Isabella will be stripped from her mother’s care and given to a woman, Janet Jenkins, who is openly living the homosexual lifestyle.

Oh my God! Stripped away from the repressed, self-loathing closeted homosexual and given to a woman who is comfortable with who she is? Say it ain't so!

You see, Lisa Miller is one of thousands across this nation who have left the homosexual life through the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

Also known as the redeeming power of guilt, shame, and brainwashing.

Now, because Lisa has refused to comply with a court order giving Janet liberal unsupervised [I know what you're implying, and it's despicable] visitation with Isabella, Janet has asked the court to transfer custody of Isabella from her only biological parent (Lisa) to Janet, who is openly living a homosexual lifestyle.

Refusing to comply with a court order - also known as committing a crime.

Lisa could be thrown in jail for refusing to expose her child to Janet’s
harmful and destructive lifestyle

Since Lisa is the one who is a fugitive from justice, and using her daughter as a weapon to punish her ex, I'm not sure that it's Janet's lifestyle that's harmful and destructive.

Before I begin, I want you to know that I am not exaggerating when I say that Isabella will be harmed by visitation with Janet.

Um, you've already begun. This line is from the third paragraph of your message. And no, you're not exaggerating, you're just full of shit. An exaggeration is at least based on something true.

During one of the few court ordered visits that did take place, Isabella tells us that Janet: made then five year old Isabella bathe naked with Janet; had Isabella watch R-rated movies that depicted drug use and bloody murder scenes; and had Isabella watch Janet go to the bathroom.

Without having met you or Janet or Isabella, I feel pretty safe in saying that none of that is true. That is exactly the sort of nonsense that someone like you would coach a child to say. And it seems to be based on your bizarre ideas of what it is that gay people do when they're alone together. "Well, gosh, they couldn't possibly engage in healthy lovemaking activities, oh I bet they force little girls to watch them pee. That's the sort of perverse thing I bet the gay people do."

Others have testified in court documents that Janet lost Isabella at a county fair

My mother once lost me at K-Mart. Should she have lost custody? nless she lost her in a poker game, this is the sort of thing that happens to every parent.

After a very difficult childhood and a failed, abusive heterosexual marriage, Lisa, at near bottom, was told by a psychological professional that she must be a homosexual. As a result of that, Lisa plunged feet first into the homosexual community.

That's about the stupidest thing I ever heard. Someone told her she must be a homosexual, so she starts dating women, and even marries one? How easy do you think it is to talk someone into being gay? Believe me, I've had offers. But I've never taken anyone up on them. Why do you people think that it's somehow possible to just sort of accidentally become gay? If it were that easy, couldn't you just suggest to the gay people that they are probably breeders? Oh, yeah. That's what you did to Lisa Miller. Touche' homophobes!

As you can tell, Lisa and Isabella need your help. Lisa’s desire to raise her child according to the truths of Scripture are under attack: at one point during the Vermont litigation, Janet’s attorneys argued that Lisa shouldn’t be allowed to keep primary custody of Isabella because Lisa believed that God had a plan for Isabella’s life and that God would protect Isabella.

That never happened. Janet Jenkins did not argue that Lisa Miller should lose custody because she taught Isabella that God would protect her. Let's for a moment pretend that Janet really was nutty enough to make that argument. Her lawyer would never trot that shit into court. It's a guaranteed loser. If you were trying to lose your case, you couldn't come up with a worse argument.

Anyway, the Liberty people and the Family Research Council people and other assorted nuts are urging people to pray for Lisa Miller. Not pray that she come to her senses, but pray that she continue to be able to evade the law to impose her own twisted hateful views on the little girl. Just like Jesus would want! (sarcasm)

So, all that being said, hereby nominate Lisa Miller of Virginia for the Most Horrible Person Ever.