Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thank You, Kellog's Cereals!

Kellog's cereal company recently issued this statement in response to Bill Donahue's demand that they pull their advertising from the Daily Show because Jon Stewart hates the pope or something:

“We understand that our customers come from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, lifestyles, and cultures and we respect their individual decisions to choose the television programs that they deem acceptable for themselves and their families. Consumers speak most loudly when they vote with their remote control and change the channel or turn off the TV if a program does not fit their personal criteria.”
It's always nice to see a company stand up to a punk like Donahue.

Here is the statement Donahue issued in response:


    In other words, Kellogg’s is telling Christians to shove it. But they made a mistake. We will now send the indefensible picture to their senior management and board, as well as to community leaders, religious and secular, throughout Battle Creek, Michigan. We are also calling for a national boycott of all Kellogg’s cereals. Moreover, I will notify the public via TV, radio and our website about their collapse of decency. This is just for starters. We have the time, money, and the determination to give Kellogg’s some free advertisement.

We will move Heaven and Earth to stop Jon Stewart from putting a naughty picture on the teevee machine! Honest to God, we have nothing better with which to concern ourselves! We have no lives, we have no other interests, we are completely oblivious to current events. We will stop at nothing to end the naughty picture assault, and to this end we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our, um, what else? Anyway, this is the hill on which I choose to die!

For caturday, THIS:

You're Welcome.