Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Food for Thought, Gun Nuts!

What can we learn from this tragic story?

Prosecutors: Police won't face criminal charges in Michigan death

By David Ariosto, CNN
(CNN) -- Police officers who unleashed a hail of gunfire that killed a homeless Michigan man wielding a knife will not face criminal charges, prosecutors said Wednesday.

What can we learn from this tragedy, other than that trigger-happy cops will pretty much never face any charges, which we already knew, or that "Officers will not face charges" is about the most depressing Google search you can do?

well, read down a little farther.

Thomas said six of the eight police officers opened fire as Hall approached. The officers had been equipped with stun guns, though they "aren't 100% effective," he added.
The officers fired 46 rounds, striking Hall 11 times, according to Thomas.

That's right. The police officers, men and women who have been trained to handle firearms, who have to qualify on a shooting range, missed their target 35 out of 46 times.

Police officers, who are trained in how to use deadly force in tense situations, missed the man they were shooting at 35 TIMES!

And this man was close enough to him that the officers were afraid of being stabbed by him.
It's a miracle that no one was killed or injured by any of the 35 stray bullets fired by these trained police officers.

Maybe this might be something to think about next time you think that "if only a bunch of ignorant rednecks had been packin' heat at that movie theater, they coulda taken that bad guy with a gun down!" If trained police officers who are not being shot at miss their target with 76% of their shots, why do you think Cletus from the gun club would have a better hit/miss ratio? If these cops had been in the audience at that movie theater in Colorado, yeah, James Holmes would probably have been killed, but so might 35 other people. Now imagine instead of eight police officers, it had been a dozen knuckle-draggers with AR-15s. The whole fucking audience would probably be dead.

I don't know, something to consider, maybe.