Sunday, December 4, 2011

I'm going to miss you, Herman Cain.

Although not as much as the Stock Photo Women  of America.

Women like

Robin Haraway of  Millington, TN


who has this to say about Mr. Cain:
"Sir, I firmly believe that you were sent to our nation through Divine Providence

Wow! Divine Providence! Let's say you were the Divine.

No, the other Divine. The Almighty. The master of the Universe. You are capable of creating worlds  by speaking the word. You could send a George Washington, an FDR, a talking platypus with a fedora. 

and you send Herman Cain? That's not divine providence, it's a cruel prank!

Then there's Stefani Smyrnes of Dunwoody, GA

(actual photo, I'm not kidding)

Who apparently knows a lot about the experiences of slaves in America. (it's possible she may be old enough to have had a few)

"Mr. Cain, To me you are the embodiment of the prayers of every faithful believing slave who turned to ALMIGHTY GOD for deliverance from slavery and inequality.

And ALMIGHTY GOD said "what am I, Lincoln?" and then the Civil War happened.

Also, the embodiment of the prayers? I'm not even sure what that means. Clearly Cain is not the answer to anyone's prayers. Is he the embodiment of their prayers in that they also did not work? Because I gotta figure that all these slaves were praying for a couple of centuries before anything actually happened. So I guess Herman Cain is the embodiment of that sort of long-term futility?

Then there's Joanna Laxton of  Belton, TX

"I am a work from home mom that has had enough of the establishment telling me how I am to feel. Billy and I have 2 son's and are worried for their future's in this country. 

Oh, me too. I worry that there may not be any apostrophes left for their generation if certain people keep using them so profligately. 

And the cake-taker may be Sue Jaycox of Nicholasville, KY
"I was really down after the 2008 election and got involved with Smart Girl Politics. I threw myself into fighting back against Obama's policies in every way I could. Letters, emails, faxes, calls...all to no avail.

Unbelievable! Some kook from Kentucky  sent letters, faxes and e-mails, and the President still didn't reverse course? Maybe he thought that because he had just been elected by a majority of the American electorate, he could just ignore Sue Jaycox's calls?

Then the big pushback on Obamacare and I really got into pushing back hard.

I couldn't go to the huge tea party protest in Washington, and was furious when the media completely ignored it, 
 Just like they ignored the O.J. Trial!

and then Congress passed Obamacare. I left all hope for a future for our country behind. I left Smart Girls, left Facebook and only kept myself informed by reading a few blogs.

Let's let the next sentence demonstrate just how "informed" you were keeping yourself:

 Then one day I read about this guy named Herman Cain winning the FL straw poll, and what caught my attention was reading that this guy wanted to repeal Obamacare!! 

Really? You really didn't realize that each and every Republican candidate was vowing to repeal "Obamacare?"  The "Obamacare" issue was so important to you that you gave up all hope for America when the weak, watered-down version was passed and you didn't know that EVERY Republican was running on the promise to repeal it?

So these are the women who are supporting you, eh, Mr. Cain?

Yeah, I'd probably drop out too.