Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Conservatives should never try to be funny ever.

Last week, I said that Michael Ramirez was Exhibit A in the case of "Conservatives Should Never Try to be Funny Ever."

Exhibit B is David M. Hitch

Here's a recent example:

David Hitch

Okay,  why is that even supposed to be funny?

The whole point of the political cartoon is that the joke has to be based on something that actually happened in the real world.
 See, here's how a professional does it:


See, the joke is based on Sarah Palin's repeated insistence that the Affordable Care Act would contain "Death Panels." That's what makes the joke work. (That and the fact that Sarah Palin is pretty much a living, breathing punchline)

For your joke to work, Al Gore would have had to have claimed at some point that a movie or TV show or some other work of fiction served as evidence to back up his warnings about global warming.

But he didn't do that.

So there's no joke.

Also, there absolutely has been reams of scientific evidence supporting Al Gore's claims about global warming. The scientific evidence is what his warnings were based on. Global warming was not something discovered by or postulated by Al Gore. He was merely serving as a mouthpiece for the entire legitimate scientific community.

And you don't even need any scientific expertise, the average global temperature gets a little higher every year. It's not even climatoilogy at this point, it's basic arithmetic.

There was a scene in an episode of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" in which Charlie is keeping a hornet's nest in a box, convinced that he will eventually get free honey. Dennis explains to him that hornets do not make honey, to which Charlie replies "I don't think there's any good science behind that."
"Yes there is," says Dennis. "there's very good sci - - you know what, it's not even science, it's just true!" (paraphrasing)
That's how I feel whenever I hear someone questioning the science behind global warming. "It's not even science, it's just true!" You can look for yourself. Google pictures of polar ice several years ago vs today

You don't need a degree in climatology to see the difference.

And that's why conservatives should never try to be funny ever.