Friday, October 2, 2009

Who's Stupider? Round 2

Our First contestant comes to us from the State of Minnesota where she enjoys paranoid delusions and looking foolish on CSPAN. Please welcome Michele Bachmann!

Ms Bachmann was recently given the opportunity to question Fed chairman Ben Bernanke. What subject did she choose on which to question the man most responsible for our nation's economy?

You guessed it, ACORN!

Our next contestant hails from Macon, Ga where he is actually, honest to God, a member of the city council. In his spare time, he enjoys running the world's dumbest website. Put your hands together for Erick Erickson.

Mr. Erickson was unhappy that the underpaid, overworked police force in Macon might try to form a union to address their situation. His solution? Why, abolish the police department, of course.

No, really!

"I’m thinking I’ll have the City Attorney draft me legislation to dissolve the police department and contract with the Sheriff to provide public safety services," Erickson wrote on the blog Peach Pundit.

Boy, it looks like we have a tie. Time for the lightning round.

Erick, go!

If Barack Obama cannot convince the IOC to give Chicago the Olympics, how is he going to convince Iran to give up its nukes?

Great start! Can you top that Michele?

"Little children will be forced to learn that homosexuality is normal and natural and perhaps they should try it."

Ooh! Well played! Erick?

I think Media Matters hopes someone goes after the President because then they will get to cheerlead a rounding up of conservative pundits they think are harmful to the advance of socialism.

Wow! Stupid, paranoid AND assholish! The trifecta! Michele, can you answer this challenge?

"Literally, if we took away the minimum wage—if conceivably it was gone—we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level."

Okay, that was stupid and assholish, but I'm not feeling any of your usual paranoia. Ladies and gentleman, we have a winner! Erick Erickson is the new Who's Stupider champion!