Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Who the hell is this little prick?

Before today, I had never heard of Douglas Ernst, even though, judging by his last name, we could possibly be related.  (please, God, no!)

Anyway, today Lizz Winstead tweeted a link to something he wrote about her, and it immediately raised the question "who the hell is this little prick?"

Apparently, he's this guy:
Douglas  Ernst

And he writes for the Moonie Times which is just synonymous with credibility and sanity in my book!

And he writes this blog:

Douglas Ernst

Bareknuckled Commentary mixed with Pop Culture.

Yeah, "bareknuckled" commentary. "Bareknuckled." Because nothing says "tough guy" like typing away on a computer. I know I feel pretty bad-ass right now!

Anyway, he has many thoughts about Lizz Winstead and none of them are good.

Now, I don't know Lizz Winstead, I've never met Lizz Winstead, I don't really know a lot about her. But I know she created The Daily Show which makes her a national fucking treasure, but let's hear what this smug little prick has to say about the great Lizz Winstead.

Lizz Winstead: Planned Parenthood’s personal narcissist

ooookayyyyyy. . . Obviously this is going to be a totally rational discussion.

Lizz Winstead has called motherhood “indentured servitude.” She recalls that even as a child she never wanted to be a mom. Perhaps. She can tell herself that. Although,  it’s also likely that the abortion she had as a teenager might have something to do with it.

Yes, I suppose it would. I suppose her desire to refrain from motherhood would have some relation to her decision to terminate a pregnancy. What the fuck point is this little prick even trying to make?
Also, she can tell herself that, but clearly Douglas Ernst has a much better idea of what she really thinks! Duh!

Liberal feminists have a long history of denigrating stay-at-home moms. One could argue that raising children (and raising them right), is quite possibly the most important job there is.

Yes. One could argue that. One could also argue that Justin Bieber is the best singer there is. One could argue pretty much anything. And if raising children correctly is the most important job there is, shouldn't people be really selective about going in to that line of work? If it's really so important, not just everyone should be doing it, there should be some sort of qualifications. You should be pleased that those who don't have an aptitude for parenthood don't choose to go into that line of work.

One could argue that raising children (and raising them right), is quite possibly the most important job there is. And yet, time and time again they act is if all the wonderful technology we have today always existed and that those evil men banished them indoors anyway. For that, Lizz only needs to travel to the Middle East… [elipses in original. This is actually the end of the paragraph.]

What the fuck does that even mean? What does wonderful technology have to do with being banished indoors? I don't even get what he's trying to say here.

Liberal feminists act as if being a mother is a “chore,” when in fact the ability to give life and then nurture it into someone who will be a good, honest contributing member of society is a blessing.

How would you know? How many babies have you given life to? You don't have a uterus, how would you know what motherhood is like?
Honestly, it does seem like it would be a chore.

Comedienne and co-creator of the Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, is Exhibit-A for the case against the liberal-feminist worldview. Or perhaps I should say Exhibit-Z4, since no one really knows who she is.

Well, she's well-known enough for you to write about her. I would venture to guess that more people know who Lizz Winstead is than know who the fuck you are.

. She states:
One time my mom gave me a stove, a toy stove, for Christmas and I was like, are you kidding?! Even at 8, I was like, cooking is not a game. You know, this is not a game. I want to be outside. I want to do anything but cook and have a baby that pees and that you call that a game. That is not a game, that is a baby that pees. That is not fun for me. That’s indentured servitude.
Indentured servitude. It takes a special kind of narcissist to refer to motherhood as “indentured servitude.”

How is that narcissistic? Not wanting to play with a pretend stove? Not wanting to get peed on by a baby? That's narcissism? And it doesn't seem like she was referring to actual motherhood, it seems like her 8-year-old self was referring to playing mother. Although one could certainly argue that actual motherhood is comparable to indentured servitude in that it is a thankless, unpaid job from which there is no getting out for 18 years.

 It takes a special kind of narcissist to refer to motherhood as “indentured servitude.” Of course, when you think the world should revolve around you that’s the logical progression of thoughts, I guess. With that said, I can’t help but think that perhaps there’s more to the story than an 8 year old little girl who never wanted to be a mommy. Perhaps Winstead’s antipathy toward motherhood doesn’t trace back to her Barbie days, but her…abortion.

The abortion again? I really think you have it backward. Not wanting to be a mother leads to having an abortion, not the other way around. How would having an abortion sour one on the idea of motherhood? If teenage Lizz had wanted to someday experience motherhood but had an abortion because she wasn't yet ready, being a teen and all, how would the abortion change her outlook? How would the abortion create an antipathy for motherhood? Think about it. It makes no sense!

If we've learned nothing else from Judge Judy, we have learned this.

And he includes a link to a video which I haven't watched because who has time, but he has plenty to say about it.

Please, watch the entire video. It’s a fascinating case study of denial and projection. Lizz, a staunch supporter of Planned Parenthood, talks about her experience as a 16 year old—she became pregnant the first time she had sex. In her desperation she went to a religious organization to get tested anonymously. After tests came back, besides being told that she could have the child or give it up for adoption, a woman deadpanned: “It’s either mommy or murder.”

Harsh words for a 16 year old? Sure. But what does one expect when they go to an organization that believes life begins at conception? That’s like being surprised you got pregnant after having sex without a condom. At eight Lizz was smart enough to be thinking about ‘indentured servitude,’ but at 16 she wasn’t smart enough to go to the drug store for a pack of condoms. Teenage Liz wasn’t too bright, but then again, we’re all lucky that being a good person isn’t dependent on IQ.

And someone who isn't smart enough to buy condoms is exactly the kind of person who should be doing the MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD (tm).
And what does being not too bright have to do with denial and/or projection? And what do any of those things have to do with Winstead's supposed narcissism?
Who the Fuck Knows?

The most telling takeaway from her pro-choice tale seem to be:
In response to being told she had the baby’s life to think about: “What about my life? What are my choices? … I have pom-poms in my room! I can’t be a mom! … I felt so alone … How could she be pro-life when she wasn’t pro-my-life? That wasn’t pro-life, that was profane.”
Lizz never wanted choices—she wanted an abortion.

 That's a choice!

She had a choice between abortion and not an abortion, and she chose abortion. That's what the word choice means. It means you choose the choice you want. seriously, it's not hard to understand!

Lizz never wanted choices—she wanted an abortion. And she didn’t want just an abortion, she wanted to be told that it was okay. A clinic worker who didn’t tell Lizz she could live a life without consequences was somehow “profane”? Nice try.

So she wanted to not be condemned for her choice? She wanted to not be called a murderer? She wanted to be able to control her reproductive system without having a scarlet A glued to her chest?  What a narcissist! And yes, that's really not the definition of "profane," I think she was making a pun, you know, "pro-life" /  "pro-fane?" It's a play on words.

Also, you know who probably knows what Lizz Winstead was thinking even better that Doug Ernst does? LIZZ WINSTEAD. So shut up, Douglas Ernst, you smarmy little prick!