Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How many things can you find wrong?

Just watch this short video and see how many different kinds of wrong you can spot:

Here's what I got:

1: A legitimate news organization is giving a teabagger moron a forum.

2: Reporter says "with all due respect, Congressman" when in fact this Congressman is due NO respect.

3: Congressman/business owner is filing his business taxes on his personal return when he could be paying the corporate rate of zero percent.

4: Congressman apparently does not count the money with which he feeds his family as part of his profits. Feeding family is a business expense?

5: Congressman is spending $200,000 per year to feed his family. Apparently, his family is forced to exist on a steady diet of lobster tails, chateaubriand, and unicorn milk.

6: No, it is not all about creating jobs.

7: Class warfare has created many jobs, for instance class Soldier, class Marine, class Airman, etc. Not to mention all the doctors in the class M*A*S*H units.

8: Congressman does not understand the term "class warfare."

9: Being successful in business is neither a virtue nor a vice, any more than any other talent or spot of luck is.

10: Teabagger congressman claims to be interested in what President has to say.

See if you can find more than ten types of wrong!