Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Depressing Headline of the Day

Obama Administration Seeks Greater Wiretap Authority

Following in the grand tradition of "Obama Caves on Public Option," "Administration Waffles on "DADT," and "Card Check? Who said Anything About Card Check?"

I'm just so fed up with these guys. Democrats in the Senate are so afraid of their own shadows that they can't even bring tax cuts to the floor. That's like being afraid to offer a kid ice cream because you're worried that he might prefer Brussels Sprouts. And the only reason they can offer us to vote for them is "hey, you know how much worse the other guys would be!" And goddammit, they're right. If the Boehners and McConnells take over, we'll get endless investigations, permanent tax cuts for millionaires, the re-invasion of Iraq and immunity for corporate polluters.
either way we get screwed. And it's so depressing to have to look at the political landscape and think, "well, I'm going to vote for the party that will at least give me a reach-around while I'm getting screwed."