Thursday, January 25, 2018

This is why we can't have nice things

Inside Flat Earth International Conference, where everyone believes Earth isn't round

I mean, for God's sake, if we can't even get people to agree on something that has been common knowledge for centuries. . . No wonder 30-some-odd percent of us think that a senile malignant narcissist with a pathological lying problem is doing just a fine fucking job as president!

For the attendees of the Flat Earth International Conference, such as Mark Sargent, "Everybody here can agree on absolutely one thing, which is [Earth] is not a globe," he said.
Sargent, who has a large following on YouTube thanks to his series, "Flat Earth Clues," said he denies that he is the "father" of the movement and rather thinks of himself more like a "recruiter."

The father of the movement? Ha ha, no, I can't take credit for that. Truth be told, there have always been dullards who believe ridiculous shit. I just find the dullards and lead them to the shit!

"Flat Earth is not something new. I did not invent flat Earth," Sargent said

 Yeah! We know! Of course the idea of a flat earth isn't new. It existed before the invention of science! Then, after the ancient Greeks invented science, it stopped existing BECAUSE IT WAS WRONG!

And if there were any doubts that the idea of a non-globular Earth was wrong, they were put to rest by Ferdinand God Damn Magellan in the 16th fucking Century!

"Flat Earth is not something new. I did not invent flat Earth," Sargent said. "All I did was walk up to a door, point at it [and] say, 'You know what I think it's some really interesting things on the other side of this." 
Yeah, but then there wasn't. There wasn't anything interesting. Just a dumb stupid idea that any elementary school child could tell you is wrong.

The flat Earth movement has grown online, with YouTube channels like Sargent's and others including "Globebusters" as well as "ODD TV," a flat Earth rapper with over 100,000 subscribers.

One Hundred THOUSAND subscribers?!?!?!
How can there possibly be. . . maybe people are watching to laugh at him?

Last November, Sargent and other flat Earth believers gathered at an Embassy Suites hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the Flat Earth International Conference, an educational seminar

NO!!! That is NOT what "Educational" means!
That is the opposite of what "educational" means!

Last November, Sargent and other flat Earth believers gathered at an Embassy Suites hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina, for the Flat Earth International Conference, an educational seminar where individuals and organizations discuss scientific questions about Earth.

Scientific questions? Scientific questions?
Whether the Earth is round or flat has not been a scientific question since about 200BC.
It's not science anymore. It doesn't take science to figure out that the Earth is round when you can get on a plane in New York, fly East, land in London, refuel, continue east, land in Tokyo, refuel, continue to fly East, land in San Francisco, refuel, continue to fly East and end up back at JFK. You don't need any scientific training or accumen to figure that out.

Sargent said he thinks there are more people who believe the theory than just those outspoken on the subject.
"You know flat-Earthers," he told ABC News' Eva Pilgrim. "I guarantee it. But you don't know who they are because they are afraid of talking about it."

GOOD! They should be! They should be absolutely ashamed of being that cinder-block stupid. And ignorant. And just nutty, I mean do they think that every normal person in the world is in on some giant hoax to pretend that the world is round? Do they think it's some kind of conspiracy?

Conference attendees Amy Nicholson and Kim Gurley both told ABC News they are more reserved in their beliefs.
Gurley, who traveled from Houston, Texas, to attend the conference, said, "I haven't really come out all the way yet." Nicholson said she wrote a book of poetry about her flat Earth journey, but even her best friend told her she "sounds psychotic."

Flat. Earth. Journey.
Flat. Earth. . . JOURNEY?!?!?!
What the fuck does that even mean?

Also, how do you come out part-way on this? Are you telling people that you think the Earth is a cube?

Other conference attendees told ABC News they believe there is tangible proof behind the idea.

But there isn't!
Did no one from ABC News point this out?
Or ask them what that "proof" is? Because I would actually like to hear what they think is "proof" of the very round Earth is flat.

Some flat-Earthers imagine Earth looks like a snow globe with a dome -- round but not a sphere. According to most flat Earth maps, the North Pole is at the center with the ice of Antarctica holding everything in.
Sargent told ABC News he is "pretty sure" that’s what the flat Earth looks like. "I mean there are some details to be worked out, sure. But the basic concept is sound," he said. "Absolutely sound."

 Ohhhh, a snow globe! Well, why didn't you say so? That makes total sense. See, here I thought you were saying the earth was like a disc or a plane of some sort, but a snow globe -- now that is totally plausible!

Flat-Earthers denounce traditional and iconic "blue marble" images taken from space as fake, including Rob Skiba.
"As soon as you start looking into the pictures of the globe, you start seeing words like 'composite' or 'animation' or you know something that tells you this is not an actual photograph of the earth," Skiba said

 Really? You do? 
Well, I just did a Google image search for pictures of Earth from space and I didn't see the word "composite," or "animation" or any words because they're photographs taken from space and there aren't any words on Earth visible from space.

I used to wonder how people could look at the basic fact that the average temperature of the globe increases every year and think that somehow that does not indicate global warming, but this! Holy God! The future does not look bright for the stupid stupid human race.