Friday, December 9, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things.


[Republican strategist Rick] Wilson said he recently conducted a focus group where Republicans were asked whether, if they had a choice, they would rather “kill Obamacare” or have killed Osama bin Laden.
“They would have killed Obamacare and waited for the actuarial tables [to] play out for bin Laden,” Wilson said.

They actually hate the Affordable Care Act more tham they hate OSAMA BIN LADEN!

They would rather have the mastermind of 9/fucking/11 roaming around free for several more years than have a few more sick people get access to medicine.

These are the people we're dealing with. these are not reasonable people. These are not sane people. 

I think the divide is no longer between left and right, or conservative and liberal, it's now a divide between sane and insane.
I'm going to prescribe 1000mg of Not Being Allowed to Vote.

If you believe that increased access to health care is a type of death-panel-infested tyranny, that's not being a conservative, that's being insane.

If you believe that Bush and Cheney planned 9/11, that's not being liberal, that's being insane. 

If you believe that Michele Bachmann is remotely qualified to hold any position of responsibility, you should probably be committed. 

I thought she made some good points, and my friend Harvey agrees. Don't you, Harvey?