Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, now you're in real trouble, Mister!

Lance Armstrong May Have Lied to Winfrey: Investigators

You can get away with a lot when you're a famous athlete. You can cheat, you can lie, you can sue people who tell the truth, but you do NOT lie to the Oprah!  

Oh, you're gonna die!

The latest victim

So, apparently "swatting" is a thing now. Idiotic pranksters call the police reporting a fake crime in progress at the house of some celebrity, hoping to get S.W.A.T. teams to respond because I guess thst's funny? Here are a few headlines from today re: "Swatting."

Tom Cruise Is the Latest Victim of Celebrity Swatting

Tom Cruise is the latest victim of a pesky problem plaguing some of the biggest Hollywood stars: swatting!

Tom Cruise Victim Of Swatting

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Tom Cruise may be victim of 911 'swatting'

Shortly after noon, police received a call reporting a robbery in progress, Sgt. Renato Moreno said. Officers responded to the house, spoke with private security and then conducted a search. Nothing was found.

Cruise and his family weren't home when the call was made. There were no arrests.

 So, let me get this straight. Police officers had their valuable time wasted. At considerable expense to the taxpayers. While they might have been responding to actual crimes saving actual people and arresting actual criminals. And Tom Cruise is the victim?

Check the last paragraph of the above AP story: Cruise and his family weren't home when the call was made. So he wasn't even inconvenienced. He wasn't frightened by the sudden appearance of lots of police officers. Nothing happened to Tom Cruise. But yeah, obviously, he's the real victim here.