Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Bad Ads - Cell Phones

Who is the target market for this ad?

These are a bunch of grown-ass women screaming like teenyboppers who just saw the Beatles, and they're screaming about a phone that literally anyone can obtain? Nobody got this excited when the first mobile phone was invented, and that was a way bigger deal than a new, slightly different version of an existing phone.

How do they expect anyone to sit through this ad to the end?  It's ear-shattering. It actually hurts to watch this ad. I have no idea what the deal is being offered because I've never seen the entire thing. How can this possibly be an effective ad?

Although at least it isn't as depressing as this one:

I don't get how this is supposed to encourage anyone to trade in their old phone. Because , is it just me, or do you feel really sorry for the old phone? My God, the desperation in that phone's mechanical voice is just palpable. The poor thing just seems terrified at the prospect of being deserted, yet the desertion process just grinds steadily along. This is more heartbreaking than the end of Shane. 

How could anyone watch this ad and not pick up their phone, cradle it to their bosom and gently whisper, "don't worry Siri, I'd never trade you in?"