Saturday, December 19, 2009

Someone call CPS

And send them to whatever trailer park Billy Ray Cyrus is raising his kids in.

Apparently, everyone involved just thinks that this is so super-adorable, the littlest Cyrus auditioning for Scores, that Miley Cyrus put the video on her official website!

Also, who the fuck names a girl Noah? What, did you just flip open the Bible to a random page and grab the first name you saw?

Noah? Is that a girl's name? Aw, hell honey, I ain't got time to do all that there readin' to find out. If'n it's in the Bible, it's good enough fer my kin!

My first and Last Tiger Woods Joke

Oh, Penis! Look  at the trouble you

Quantcast Aw, heck! I can never stay mad at you!

Merry Catsmas!

This Chick Is Bad-Ass!

Before Disney, Florida didn