Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Thoughts While Watching the Womens' World Cup Final.

1.  Goddamm, does Japan have the most depressing National Anthem ever?
And it doesn't sound Japanese at all. It sounds like it was composed for a European-style orchestra. It's like an excerpt from the soundtrack of an Ingmar Bergman film.


What does it mean to score a goal? Still I feel empty.

2. Who's the wiseass who brought a vuvuzela? I heard you.

3. Damn, it's nice to see an international soccer match where no one is flopping around on the ground pretending to be crippled for life after the slightest contact!


4. Megan Rapinoe does not get enough credit. She makes some feaking amazing passes.

Megan Rapinoe Megan Rapinoe #16 of Team USA drives upfield with the ball against Team Ireland during the international women's soccer game held on July 23, 2006 at Torero Stadium in San Diego, California.   USA defeated Ireland 5-0. 
5. So they're saying that this is going to cheer Japan up, huh? That would be great, God knows they need it, but i just can't see it. "My home is gone. My wife is dead. The radioactivity will probably give my children horrible diseases. . . what? We won? Fuck yeah! Woooo Soccer!" Seems a little dubious.