Thursday, September 2, 2010

Crazy Candidate of the Day

Today's Crazy Candidate is Arizona's Jan Brewer.

I didn't know much about Brewer other than that she is the heroine of the I-Hate-Mexicans crowd. But here's a video of her opening statement before a televised debate. This is her opening statement, not a response to a question. This is something she had time to prepare and rehearse. So there's really no excuse for this sorry performance. I don't know if she normally talks like this or maybe she showed up really really drunk.

(Videos stolen from Conversation 101)

Yikes! She's practically incoherent. She's Sarah Palin without the pseudo-charisma. I'm glad to hear that she changed everything in Arizona. Apparently, Arizona now has a mild climate, plentiful resources and a sane citizenry. And the Diamondbacks don't suck. She's done as much as anyone could possibly do!

But it gets worse. After the debate, some reporter has the temerity to ask her a question about a huge lie she told earlier. She takes another page from the Palin playbook and ignores the question altogether, opting instead to toss out talking points. Then she pulls a Sharron Angle and just turns tail and runs from the reporters.