Sunday, April 21, 2019

Your Liberal Media Strikes Again!

Well this is pretty appalling:

For a "news" broadcast to just put out this disgusting Islamohobia without any context is indefensible. It's one thing if the story had been "Katie Hopkins and this other lady came to Florida to promote blatant lies and bigotry. Here is an example of some of the garbage they are feeding people."  That would have been responsible journalism. But to televise these kind of comments as if they were just facts, just undisputed facts, is just stunningly irresponsible at best. If this is not just being cavalier with the truth and reckless with people's safety, then it is intentional promotion of hatred, bigotry and baldfaced lies.

They either don't care, or couldn't be bothered to look into who Katie Hopkins is. A cursory Google search would have shown them that Hopkins is  someone who spreads false and inflammatory stories like "white South African farmers are being murdered and having their land stolen by black thugs."

Sources: Corrupt Members of South African Police Force Facilitate Farm Attacks

  • FEB 7 2018 

That she is the kind of person who tweets out garbage like this:

As if the church bombings in Sri Lanka weren't the top story on every news page on the web.

It would have taken just a moment to find out that she is someone who associates with vile scum like Alex Jones.

And this wasn't even FOX, by the way. It was a CBS affiliate. And they just gave this evil woman a platform to spew her lies completely unchallenged. Sickening!