Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bad Ads -- Capital One

The first problem with this ad is that it features Jimmy Fallon.

Pop quiz - when was the last time Jimmy Fallon was funny?

Trick question, he was never funny.

Seriously, is there any celebrity more annoying than Jimmy Fallon? How is this the guy you want representing your product? What, was Snookie unavailable? Jack Black have a prior commitment?  Jimmy Fallon? Ugh!

Then, there's a joke. It's not what you would call a "funny" joke, necessarily, but by credit card commercial standards, it's not terrible. "If you don't want the extra money, send it to me." Okay, that's not going to win any prizes, but it's fine. If you just leave it there. But no. No, Fallon has to beat it into the ground. And then, he has this kinda racist sounding line "I'll make it rain up in hyah!"
Seriously, listen to the ad and tell me it doesn't make you uncomfortable.

It's one thing to say "make it rain." It's an expression that began with the hip-hop set, but it's not like white people don't use the phrase too. That's fine, but "up in here?" That's starting to sound a little sketchy, and pronouncing the word "here" as "hyah" or "hyar" or whatever, that's straying into Amos & Andy territory.

Why would you have him say that? Even if you had no racist intentions, how do you not hear that and say "Hey, Jimmy, just say 'I'll make it rain.' Don't try to sound like Def Comedy Jam.."

Am I wrong?

Even if I am totally off-base on the racial thing, there's still no excuse for subjecting us to Jimmy Fallon.