Monday, December 11, 2017

Headlines that are not from the Onion

Trump Allies Sent a 12-Year-Old Girl to Interview Roy Moore

Okay, this has to be a joke, right?

Roy Moore interviewed by 12-year-old girl from pro-Trump PAC

And there was no one in Moore's campaign team to say "uh, this might not be a good look for you, Judge Pervert?"

First she talks to Moore's campaign manager who tells her he wishes that the 11 to 12-year-old demographic was their main support. Which, if I'm honest, I also wish, I wish that the bulk of Judge Molester's support came from people too young to vote. But from this guy, that's just weird.

And oh my GAWD, Moore trying to explain illegal immigration? Priceless!
". . .stop immigration. Well, not immigration. It's not illegal immigration, it's illegal aliens coming across the border, which is illegal. It's not legal [unintelligible] immigration."

Also, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to say "NOT an inexpensive way to do it." "Not inexpensive" is generally not a selling point for any policy.

And he mentions this wacky quote which he attributes to Madison (I don't know if Madison ever said this or not, but I kinda figure he probably didn't) but he says that Madison stated that if we lose 'religious liberty' then 'they' become tyrants and we become slaves, and our intrepid reporter doesn't think to ask "speaking of slaves, do you really think that America was great during slavery? And do you really favor getting rid of the 13th amendment?"

Not that I would expect a 12-year-old kid to ask that kind of question, I mean, she's a child, not a grown woman of 14 or 15!

And it might be cute for a Senatorial candidate to be interviewed by a child if a: he wasn't refusing to do interviews with actual reporters and b: he wasn't a goddamm child molester!

Oh, and when she asks what the characteristics of a "really, really good Senator" are, the first thing he says is "follow the Constitution?!?!?" The one thing this asshole is famous for (okay, now it's two things, including being a sexual predator) is his refusal to follow the Constitution. His whole thing is defying lawful orders from the Supreme Court, in direct violation of the Constitution's supremacy clause, and defying those orders in service of his violating the separation of Church and State.

The interview goes on a bit from there, but I couldn't take any Moore. Ha! See what I did there? I'm so clever!

So I have 2 questions about this. One: did no one learn anything from the last kid to get famous at CPAC? Remember Jonathan Krohn? The big future superstar of the right who made a stupid speech at CPAC and now is pretty liberal and regrets allowing himself to be used as a tool of propoganda? Wanna bet the same thing happens to poor Miss Millie, who seems like a perfectly nice kid?

And question number two:

Are you sure this isn't the Onion?