Monday, August 9, 2010

Cute Animals Explain The Family Circus

First Slide, Please.

See, it's funny because kids don't always know the right word for things!

Family Circus Cartoon for 08/01/2010

It's Funny Because All His Hard Work Got Ruined!

Family Circus Cartoon for 08/09/2010

It's Funny When Children Hurt Each Other!

Family Circus Cartoon for 07/11/2010

It's Funny Because Little Kids Aren't Good At Doing Simple Things!

Family Circus 7-21-2007

What the Hell? They're watching a show about street signs?

It's Not Funny! It's Just Terrible!   I want nothing to do with this!

Goddammit, I'm Serious! It's Not Funny! Leave Me Out Of This!

That's It! I'm Outta Here! Get my Agent on the Phone! This is Bullshit!

Another Celebrity Endorsement!

Hail, citizen. Atia of the Julii, here.

When I'm not plotting, scheming, backstabbing and screwing my way through the nobility of Rome, I enjoy reading Irritatum Dailius.

It is the finest amusement in all the Empire!