Thursday, October 17, 2013

Oh, Jeezus Christ, Darrell Issa, Really?

Well, with the shutdown over and the debt-ceiling crisis temporarily avoided until the next hostage-taking opportunity, Darrell Issa can finally get back to doing what the voters elected him to do: making up phony scandals to investigate!

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Darrell Issa: Park Service chief should step down

“Three strikes and you should be out,” Issa (R-Calif.) said after a five-hour hearing in which he and other Republicans lambasted park service Director Jonathan Jarvis for closing monuments on the National Mall, as well as the agency’s earlier handling of the sequester and its decision to let Occupy Wall Street protesters camp out on federal land.

Jeezus Christ, Darrell Issa, really? Five fucking hours? You raked this poor guy over the coals for five fucking hours because, um, I don't even know why.

“He blew it on sequestration. He blew it on Occupy, and now he admits he doesn’t even think it was his responsibility to plan to mitigate [the shutdown’s harm].”

Because it isn't! It isn't his responsibility to mitigate the harm done by you and your bugfuck crazy party. It's your responsibility to not cause harm in the first fucking place! You can't intentionally cause harm and then want to fire someone for not sufficiently mitigating it.

But Issa isn’t done yet. He issued a subpoena to Jarvis on Wednesday demanding records including “all documents referring or relating to the National Park Service process for handling proposals for budget modifications related to sequestration.” Additional document requests will be coming later, his staff said.

Really? You're not done grandstanding yet? You gotta make this guy's life even more difficult? Because you don't like the way he handled the problem that you caused?Aren't you busy enough investigating the phony IRS scandal and the made-up Benghazi scandal and the fictitious Fast & Furious scandal? You can't just leave this guy alone? He's not the president, he's not a Congressman, he's basically Leslie Knope on a grander scale. Just leave him alone.
In lambasting Jarvis’s handling of the shutdown, Issa cited a column in The Washington Times that quoted an anonymous “angry Park Service ranger” as saying that “we’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can.”
Oh, Jeezus Christ, Darrell Issa, really? The propaganda organ of the Unification Church publishes a quote from some anonymous park ranger who, if he exists at all, seems to have an axe to grind and is probably wildly misinformed if he even exists, which he well may not and that's enough evidence of some sort of conspiracy for you to start another time and money-wasting phony investigation? Really?

“If true, and I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of that quote. . .

Wait. . .  REALLY? You really have no reason. . . REALLY? Some anonymous dude in a shitty right-wing rag of a newspaper, and you have no reason to doubt the truthfulness? REALLY?

If true, and I have no reason to doubt the truthfulness of that quote, it is indeed disgusting and despicable that the park service would do this,” Issa said at the hearing, being held jointly by his committee and natural resources.

Really? As disgusting and despicable as shutting down the federal government because you didn't get your way? As disgusting and despicable as putting nearly a million people out of work, albeit temporarily, because you can't accept that the last election didn't go your way? As disgusting and despicable as shutting down important medical research, WIC, Head Start and Meals on Wheels because you and your party of childish assholes felt like you could extract even more concessions from the White House? Is closing the WWII memorial that despicable? Is that how disgusting it is? Is shutting down a memorial because you and your fellow teabagger morons took away the funding to keep it open as despicable and disgusting as shutting off funding to meals on wheels?Because I'm just trying to get some perspective here on what kind of actions are considered despicable and disgusting.