Thursday, October 30, 2014

Chomp & Stomp this Weekend!

If you live in the greater Atlanta area, or if you can get to Atlanta easily, this weekend would be the time to come!  This Saturday, Nov. 1st is CHOMP AND STOMP!

What is Chomp and Stomp, you ask? It's so funny that you should ask that, because I was just about to tell you what Chomp and Stomp is. It is the world's largest (I assume) Bluegrass festival and chili cook-off. 
 Apostles of Bluegrass, Chomp&Stomp 2013

The festival is free. If you want chili, buy a spoon for $5 and sample all you can handle. (get there early, chili will run out)

Music starts at 11:00am sharp. Our personal favorite, the High Strung String Band plays at 3:30, if you like to sleep in. 

We also highly recommend Slim Chance & the Convicts at 1:00 pm

(yeah, not all the bands ar e strictly bluegrass.)

And I see "Farmland Band"  listed at 5:00pm. If this is "Smokey's Farmland Band" which I assume it is, we highly recommend them as well.

But really, you can't go wrong at Chomp & Stomp.

Also, there's beer, cabbage games, an artists' market and some other fun stuff. And the Autumn weather in Atlanta is usually perfect.

So come

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