Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The suspense is killing me!

It's election night and the suspense is killing me. And I assume it isn't doing any of you any favors either. So, to help pass the time until we find out if there's going to be a check on President Cartman or not, here are some highlights from last weekend's Chomp and Stomp - The world's biggest - and best - bluegrass festival and chili cookoff.

Let's start with a nice little combo called Control Burn [sic] with a song that I believe is called "Setlist Blues."

here are the Plate Scrapers from Maryland

My phone's battery died halfway through this Beatles cover, but the half song I got was pretty good.

Here is Slim Chance & the Convicts with and without Jeff Mosier sitting in on electric banjo:

And this is Jeff Mosier with the Jeff Mosier Band:

This is a young lady from Nashville who goes by the name Aubryn. Her songs weren't my cup of tea, but she's very talented, and hopefully at least some of you will like her.

And we finish off with Atlanta bluegrass stalwarts Smokey's Farmland Band