Friday, March 5, 2010

Least Surprising Headline of the Day

(from Daily Kos)

Leno's Tonight Show adds Laugh Track

to Sarah Palin Appearance

That makes sense.Because when i saw clips of her "comedy" routine and heard laughter, I was sorta perplexed. I mean, if my five-year-old nephew had told those jokes, I would have had trouble conjuring up any real-sounding courtesy laughs, and I like my five-year-old nephew.

Her material reminded me of an alleged cominc who goes by the name of "Ant." He was a contestant on the first season of "Last Comic Standing." All of his jokes basically boiled down to "Hey, guess what? I'm Gay! Isn't that hilarious?"
Palin's jokes all seemed to be variations on "I'm from Alaska. Alaska's really cold. Isn't that hilarious?" Well, no. No it isn't. Cold weather isn't really funny, being gay isn't really funny, and being fat isn't really funny (looking at you, Louie Anderson)

So, fine, a marginal political figure sucks as a comic. Big deal. Who would have expected her to do well? Why dub in a laugh track to make it seem that she did? Or better yet, why have this nitwit on the show at all?