Monday, January 7, 2013

Dumb product of the day

Hershey Bliss

HERSHEY’S BLISS Milk Chocolate offers a distinct, richer, longer-lasting chocolate experience than other little luxuries. Inside the purple foil is one square inch of specially crafted milk chocolate with a rich taste that you'll want to savor.

One square inch of specially crafted milk chocolate?
Congratulations, you flattened out a Hershey's Kiss!
What an innovation!

Two things I just learned about Ted Cruz within like 2 minutes of each other.

1. He thinks that the goverment going into default would be just super-awesome!

CRUZ: What would happen if the debt ceiling isn’t raised is it would be a partial government shutdown. We’ve seen this before, we saw this in 1995, when Republicans in the House shut down the government. What happened was it was a partial shutdown, there was some political cost to be paid but at the end of the day, because Republicans stood strong in 1995, we saw year after year of balanced budgets and some of the most fiscally-responsible policies Congress has produced in the modern-era. If we hold strong we can do that again. It just comes down to Republicans. Are we willing to stand strong and face the wrath of the mainstream media criticizing us and the president saying nasty things about us?

 2. He totally opposes allowing the government to go into default.

"Let me be very clear about this," Cruz told Fox News host John Roberts. "I do not support default on the debt. We should never default on the debt, and the only players on Washington who are threatening default on the debt are President Barack Obama and [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid."

 And I'm going to go ahead and guess that he doesn't see the contradiction here at all.