Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Victory Dance!

For at least one day, I'm going to enjoy this.

I know, Barack Obama is far from perfect, but today, VICTORY DANCE!

It's not even so much that Barack Obama won, but some truly despicable people lost.


Joe Walsh, the deadbeat dad, GONE!
Allen West, unrepentant war criminal, Buh-Bye!
Richard Mourdock, bag of scum, DEFEATED!
Todd "legitimate rape" Akin, YOU ARE DISMISSED!

my 200th post!
so, tumblr, how’s that ass feel?

I know, in a day or two we're all going to have to start writing our senators and representatives demanding that there be no "Grand Bargain," because Barack Obama has always proven himself to be waaaaaay too eager to compromise with the right, but for today. . . .


Back from the dead, bitches! (by ) Hyphy Wifey (and Mr. Scradam)