Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why I should never be a parent

because, based on things I've said to or thought about my friends' kids, I'm pretty sure I would say things like this:

Oh, sorry  kiddo. Didn't you hear? Yeah, the Disney Channel went off the air. But don't worry, they're showing a John Ford marathon on Turner Classic Movies!


You don't like Taylor Swift. No, you don't. Now go to your room and listen to your Wilco CDs!


No, they don't make Barbie dolls anymore. But here, I got you this cool Michone action figure! Check out her awesome katana!


No, I didn't get you a princess costume for Halloween. You and your brother are going as Franklin and Eleanore  Roosevelt. Yes, again!

Harry Potter? Never heard of him. But since you seem interested in magical realism, may I suggest The House of the Spirits?

The Times was right, it is quite spectacular.