Thursday, November 17, 2011

Schlafly's Eagle Forum disgustingly sticks up for Penn State child-rapist

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mandated reporting of suspicion

 The sex abuse scandal at Penn State University, which this month led to the firing of storied football coach Joe Paterno and other prominent university officials who did not report the alleged crimes to law enforcement, raises fresh questions about the legal and moral responsibilities of K-12 personnel who are more likely to be in a position to detect physical or sexual abuse of a child.


No. No it doesn't. There are no new questions. If you detect abuse of a child, you either call the police, or kick the shit out of the abuser and then call the police. What new questions could this case possibly raise?

Experts say most states have clear laws requiring K-12 teachers and other school employees to swiftly and directly report suspicions of abuse to police or child-protection authorities, but there are complex reasons why these so-called “mandatory reporters” may fail to take action.
“I think one of the major impediments to people reporting their suspicions is that they think they have to have more evidence that abuse is occurring,”

Um, in the Penn State case, the guy walked in on a man raping a little boy. Do you really think that he failed to report the rape because he wasn't sure he had enough evidence?

Traditional British and American law does not require citizens to report crimes that they witness. We are not a nation of snitches. If your neighbor is illegally smoking dope, you do not have to say a word.

Totally the same thing. Smoking pot, raping children, neither one is really anyone elses's business.

Penn State officials have been charged with a crime for not reporting a similar allegation against Sandusky in 2002. The entire case hinges on the memory and credibility of McQueary, but now he has changed his story and says that he reported it to the police. There is no physical or other hard evidence of abuse. According to Sandusky, the child involved will testify that McQueary is lying about what he claimed to have seen.

And if you can't believe Sandusky, who can you believe? I mean, seriously, who knows more about Sandusky's child-raping than Sandusky?

The mandatory reporting law is a direct attack on the autonomy of the American family. 

Holy Gawd! How, I mean why,  I mean what the fuck? How is this an attack on the family? Other than the fact that pretty much everything is an attack on the family in your world.

The mandatory reporting law is a direct attack on the autonomy of the American family. Many parents have practices that provoke the disapproval of others. All it takes is one anonymous call to CPS, and a govt social worker will knock on the door and threaten to put the kids in foster care. There is no due process. The upshot is that know-nothing social workers are redefining how American children are to be reared, and this is a change for the worse.

So the mandatory reporting law is an attack on  parents' right to abuse  their children? This is your family values?
And by the way, CPS doesn't just grab up children willy-nilly and toss them into foster care. Have you ever seen Judge Judy? Every other case is someone suing because the other person called CPS and filed fake complaints, and none of those false complaints ever lead to the children being taken away.

I would not be surprised if this Penn State witch-hunt concludes by the state paying millions of dollars in bogus lawsuits, and no one found guilty of anything. Plus a horrible new anti-family law. 

Wow! So what I'm getting here is that in the eyes of the Eagle Forum, it's better that child-rape go unreported than parent lose their child-beating rights.