Monday, March 14, 2011

Terrible Marketing -- Red Camel

Red Camel is a brand of ladies' clothing, including swimsuits, which seems to be owned by the Belk Department store chain.
Red Camel®

Red Camel® Spot On Halter Top

Red Camel® Gone Wild Hipster

Because I'm pretty sure that when a girl goes shopping for swimwear, the image she most wants to be associated with is the camel. 

My Humps! My Humps!    My Lovely Lady Lumps! 


Really, the word "camel" is generally associated with one of three things.

The unattractive animal

The brand of cigarettes


The dreaded "camel toe," 

None of which seem like images you'd want to invoke when trying to sell ladies' clothing, especially swimwear.


(if you're unfamiliar with the slang term "camel toe" do NOT do a Google image search. 

Here is a SFW definition: Urban Dictionary)