Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh, My God, He's a Fucking 12-Year-Old!

George W. Bush: 'Eight Years Was Awesome, And I Was Famous And I Was Powerful'

Awesome? Really?

Who could possibly used the word "awesome" to describe the presidency without linking it to the word "responsibility?" Like "being in charge of the world's sole remaining superpower is an awesome responsibility which I took very seriously."

But no, 8 years of warfare and recession are apparently just totally awesome 'cuz you get to be all famous and shit!

Dude, remember how awesome it was when you did nothing to even try and prevent the worst terrorist attack on our nation in history? And remember how totally rad it was when you sent thousands of our troops to their deaths in the wrong country? And wasn't it bitchin' when you decided like, sure what the fuck, let's become one of those countries that tortures people!

What other gems of wisdom did Bush crap out during this interview?

“I think it’s bad for the presidency to have former presidents bloviating, opining, telling people how it ought to be done. …
(someone got a word-a-day calender for his birthday!)

I don’t want to undermine our president — whoever’s president — and a former president can do that. … 
 Oh, well that's cool. That's pretty classy, actually. Don't want to do anything to undermine the current prez. That's pretty decent of ya. Unless you're about to. . . .

 Bush did add that he hopes Mitt Romney wins the presidency this November.

I don't want to do anything to undermine the current president, except for publicly stating that I hope he loses his re-election bid.
Jeezus, what a moron.

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