Thursday, April 5, 2012

Stupidest Blogger Ever takes on Paul Krugman

I saw this moron being mocked by Hannah at ASB (which is awesome, by the way) and I realized hey, this might just be the dumbest blogger ever!

The blog is called "Communism Kills" which should give you some idea of her mindset, ie anyone whose economic opinion differs from mine is a communist!

Communism Kills

Hey, Krugman readers, read this.
It’s all broken down on your reading comprehension level for you.

Brilliant! You do know that Paul Krugman is a Nobel Laureate, right? You, on the other hand, appear to be someone who believes that one could gain a reasonable grasp of economics from One Lesson. I'm guessing college freshman? The sort of person who could post this with a straight face:

I’m not sure why people hate the idea of “sweatshops”.

Really?  (also, the period belongs inside the quotation marks, but whatever.)
You really don't gt why people hate the idea of people working long hours in shitty conditions for shit wages? That's a mystery to you? Can't figure that one out, hmm?

I’m not sure why people hate the idea of “sweatshops”.
I like to call them third-world investment capital.
Why does anyone want to close down sweatshops? Would they rather see “poor brown people” unemployed? Would they rather see these poor brown people starve to death? Would they rather see these poor brown people have to resort to cannibalism, terrorism, selling their body parts rather than making a pair of shoes?

So, what's your problem with Paul Krugman?

If [sic] have no idea how anyone can still take Krugman seriously:
  1. He is a columnist for the New York Times.
His writing is published in the nation's most prestigious newspaper? What a clown! (and yes, I know that "most prestigious newspaper" is damning with faint praise in this day and age)
2. He said 9/11 was good for the economy.
The column to which you link is certainly in questionable taste, but can you refute any of its points?

Really? Have you actually seen the video at that link? Krugman uses a hypothetical  example of what could happen if people mistakenly believed that an alien attack were imminent. But yeah, that's pretty much the same thing as hoping for an actual alien attack to actually happen!

The fact that the first comment on this article is about wanting an “Estate Tax and a guillotine” should be enough for you to discount him.

Yeah. If someone puts a comment on your article, then. . . no, wait. Comments on something you've written. . . no. That's not right, either. Ummmmmm. . . no, there's really no way to make sense of that last "point."