Friday, September 18, 2009

Erick Erickson, Leading the Idiot Race

Erick Erickson, der Mann so voll von scheiss,* they named him twice, is staking out a pretty good lead in the race for idiot of the year. (see his previous entries here and here.)

Here is his latest entry:

The Spirit of Skidmore

This is the entire text of his "article" or whatever you call it:

Josh Trevino just sent me this picture. He’s standing in front of the sign right now.

The sign is for the Skidmore Historical Society Museum. The sign says, “Built and maintained by local citizens without benefit of state or federal funds.”

We need that spirit in this country. We need the Spirit of Skidmore.

We need the "Spirit of Skidmore" The spirit that built a museum without any government funds. Sounds exciting!

Now here is the picture to which he is referring:

Yikes! Check out the hours! The museum is open for TWO HOURS One Day A WEEK. Is that really the spirit we need?

Well, maybe the museum itself is more impressive than the sign.

No. No, it's probably worse. Check out their website: (LINK)

Looks like the bulk of the "museum" is a bunch of rusty old farm equipment scattered haphazardly on some redneck's front lawn.

Yeah, those pictures are from the museum's promotional web-page. This is what they're proud of.

Oh, God do we need more of that Skidmore Spirit in this country. The spirit that says "Our museum may consist of a 2-hour window to view dilapidated hunks of scrap metal, but by God we did it without the damn Guv'mint!

So Erickson is definitely leading the race. All you other idiots out there better start playing catch-up. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

*the man so full of shit.

Hey, Max Baucus!

Hey, Max Baucus. How far up your ass is the insurance industry's cock?

EEEWWW!!! That's digusting! You're disgusting, Max Baucus! Not because of the sexual imagery, it's just disgusting how you're willing to put insurance companies' profits ahead of the needs of the people you are supposed to represent. You're disgusting!

Carrie Prejean Speaks!

So the former Miss California, Carrie "Opposite marriage" Prejean made her appearance at the prestigious Value Voters Summit. Let's see what heft she added to the no doubt scintillating discourse.

(Note: for the purposes of this post, the word "prestigious" will be assumed to mean "preposterous" and "scintillating discourse" will refer to "blah, blah, blah, death panels, second ammendment, blah blah Muslims blah blah gay people are scary!" )

So let's see what she had to say for herself:
"There was something wrong with turning on the TV and seeing people mock me for my faith,"

Yeah, it wasn't really your faith people were mocking so much as your dumbth.*

"Seeing people make fun of me for being a Christian, trying to discredit me, trying to embarrass me -- it didn't make sense to me."

Other things which don't make sense to Ms. Prejean include, but are not limited to:

Why some people are left-handed
How come Peter Parker is never around when Spiderman saves the day.
Basic rules of grammar and syntax.
How that sign at the mall always knows where you are.

"The moment the judge asked it, I tried to stand there and look pretty, but in my head I could not believe that they were asking that question at Miss USA,"

Ah! I see why she couldn't formulate a coherent answer, she was putting so much effort into standing there while simultaneously trying to look pretty. It does seem unfair to ask her to perform a third task concurrently.

"I could not believe it. I thought that it was extremely inappropriate for that venue. Any other venue it would have been all right."

Any other venue? So it would be just fine to ask that question at say, a funeral? Or during a job interview? Or at a gay wedding? Only the Miss USA pageant is an inappropriate venue for such a question. We must preserve the integrity of a Donald-Trump owned prettiness contest for ladies who didn't qualify for Miss America!

"I feel as though I'm Miss Universe."

Does that count? Oh, then I feel as though I'm Brad Pitt!

"I am so proud of the stance that I took. I'm so proud of the answer that I gave, and God chose me for that moment. He chose me for that moment because he knew that I would not only be the one to stick up for him and for the truth, but also he knew that I am strong enough to get through all of the junk that I have been through."

* (Dumbth is a word coined by Steve Allen as a measure of dumb. As width is to wide, so dumbth is to dumb)