Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The revolution starts to devour its own.

There have been conservative "revolutions" before.
We've seen "revolutions" based on cutting taxes
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and "revolutions" based on cutting welfare
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but this teabagger revolution is a whole new breed of nuts.
Previous conservative movements were led by people may have been senile
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or morally bankrupt
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but they weren't just baboon-ass crazy.

So, it seemed inevitable that the teabagging revolutionaries would start turning on each other like Robespierre on Danton sooner rather than later.

And now it begins. The teabaggers have already begun attacking their erstwhile poster boy Scott Brown. just check out some of these comments from, a website created to promote Brown's candidacy:

A vote for more stimulus? Are you kidding? What a joke!

Sir, you will have a very short career in the Senate!

Brian, you are so right! He is a traitor and it took only 3 weeks to show his true vision of being the "voice of the people". What a shame...

Yes. He has already shown that he is just another pure politician with no values or beliefs. First supporting the old crony John McCain and now supporting more fraudulent stimulus.

After three weeks and contradicted one of the very basics he ran on and you expect us to call it a compromise? He sold out. He sold out quick, he sold out cheap and after selling out he has no intention of looking back.

And on his Facebook page:


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