Sunday, February 7, 2010

Congratulations, Jerry Rice

The Greatest Wide receiver in the History of football (And quite possibly the greatest player at any position) is now a member of the NFL Hall of Fame.

When fans argue about the greatest quarterback, a case can be made for Montana, for Elway, for Unitas, Marino, etc.

When fans discuss the NFL's greatest linebacker, arguments can be made to support Butkus, Nitschke, Lewis, Singletary, etc.

But when the topic turns to receivers, the discussion begins and ends with Jerry Rice. And there is not a close second.

Check out a few of Rice's records:
197 Touchdown Receptions

(Second Place: Chris Carter with 130)

208 total Touchdowns.

(Second Place: Emmet Smith with 175)

1,549 Receptions.

(second Place: Chris Carter with 1,101)

22,895 Receiving Yards

(Second Place: Tim Brown with 14,934)

23,540 Total Yards From Scrimmage

(Second Place: Emmet Smith with 21,579)

17 Seasons with 50 or More Receptions.

(Second Place: Andre Reed with 13)

76 Games with 100 or more Receiving Yards.

(Second Place: Marvin Harrison with 59)

You get the idea.

Congratulations, Jerry Rice.