Thursday, May 30, 2019

Oh, the things you see on Twitter!

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Thing # 1:

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Sighhhh. . .this again? We're still doing this? It's not even interesting anymore, it's just sad. Unless. . . .let me just go ahead and click on the link to the story and see. . . .

Among the speakers were Angel Colon and Luis Ruiz, two survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre who now run a ministry together called Fearless Identity. Ruiz said although he might face temptations every day, “I choose Jesus, because he’s the only man in my life. He’s the only man that didn’t sleep with my best friend 

And there it is!

Luis, dude. You know I'm not one to judge, but your best friend? Your best friend is a whoooooore! Your best friend has slept with every man except Jesus Christ? I'm all for sowing one's wild oats, but that's just nasty!

Ruiz described himself as a combat veteran who served 15 years in the Army, adding, “Today I go to war with a whole bunch of you guys” to call the nation back to Jesus. “This is a new day, baby, and we’re coming in love. We’re coming in relationship. We’re coming with Jesus.

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 In her opening remarks, Woning told the audience on the grounds of the Washington monument and online that Jesus is “meeting us in the bars. He’s meeting us in the backrooms. He’s meeting us in our bedrooms at night when we are dreaming.”

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Seriously, these people just want to do sex with Jesus and that is just WRONG!

Thing # 2:

Nooo! You don't say! Are uou trying to tell me that the children of affluent parents are more likely to attend and graduate from college? Can this be?

Thing # 3:

Yeah, that's not a thing.
There are no children who survive abortions. Even assuming that by the word "child" you mean anything from a fertilized egg to an adolescent, how would you survive an abortion? Can you give a single example of any entity that has survived an abortion? Haha, of course you can't. Don;t worry about it.

Thing # 4:

Ummmmm, you do know you shouldn't leave your kids alone in a hot car, right? I mean, you shouldn't leave your kids alone in any car, and you shouldn't live any living being in a hot car, and the fact that you think that this irresponsible behavior should make you immune to criticism AND qualify you to have favors done for you by strangers is kind of mind-boggling, but you do you, I guess.

Thing # 5:

Georgia can be a scary place.

I mean, he's threatening to kill people, right? This is why we don't go "outside the Perimeter" unless we're going directly to a state park.

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Thing # 6:

And people wonder why I don't care for Nancy Pelosi?

You know, the time spent kissing ass at AIPAC is time that you could be spending on impeaching the son of a bitch!

Thing # 7:

This thread by some jerk who thinks he's smart: