Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Scary Halloween Post

At first I thought about doing a "what did I miss while I was away?" kind of post. Then I saw how much crazy shit I missed and figured there's no way I have that kind of time.

So, instead, here is a Scaaaaaary Halloween post:

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3 More Sure Signs Witchcraft Is Attacking You

Jennifer LeClaire

Earlier this month, I went through a massive witchcraft attack. My mind was clouded. My eyes were burning. My body was worn out. People were attacking me with unfounded accusations. I had a low-grade headache that lasted for days.

Oh dear God!
Imagine being this lady. Imagine every time you get a fucking headache, you're convinced that you're under attack from fucking witches!

I've literally written a book on witchcraft and I did everything I knew to do. In the end, all I could do was stand.

I recently heard that the late prophet Bob Jones once said that weeping breaks witchcraft. That's something I intend to study,

Study? What study? Just weep! How hard is that? I mean, granted it takes a bit more effort than standing, but what have you got to lose at this point? Someone says to you "hey, weeping breaks witchcraft" and you're all like "I don't knowwww. . . Gonna have to do a little research on that before I try anything that radical. You know, set up a control group, double-blind study and all that.I really want the cold hard scientific facts about how to deal with witchcraft!"

As I said in last week's column—"5 Clear Signs Witchcraft Is Attacking You Right Now"—I believe witchcraft is one of the powers in the hierarchy of demons Paul listed in Ephesians 6:12

12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.

Witchcraft attacks often start with imaginations. 

Yeah. No fucking kidding! Also vampire attacks and bigfoot attacks and dragon attacks. They all come from imaginationland. 

Witchcraft plants seeds of deception through imaginations. These voices tell you things like "What's the use?", "Nothing will ever change," "I can't do anything right," and "I don't feel like going to church. I want to be alone." 

So, you have low-grade chronic depression and you want to sleep in on Sunday? Eek! Scary witches!

With that said, here are three more signs you are under a witchcraft attack right now.

1. Angry and frustrated. When witchcraft attacks, you may feel angry and frustrated. You feel like people and things are standing in your way. You may get mad at yourself, mad at the devil or even mad at God. You're sick and tired of your circumstances, but what you don't realize is that the enemy is magnifying your circumstances with distorted mirrors and smoke that clouds reality. When this happens, just keep acknowledging the Lord. He will make your paths straight (Prov. 3:6).

Wait, so I'm not angry and frustrated because my co-workers are dolts, I can't lose these last 10 pounds and I'm a 49er fan?  It's because of witchcraft? Dang, I better start weeping!
Wait a minute. I weep whenever I watch a 49ers game or step on the scale, and yet, still with the witchcraft? Unfair!

 2. Sickness, aches and pains. I've told you before that when witchcraft attacks me, my eyes burn. Sometimes my chest gets tight and I get dizzy. One of my intercessors gets terrible back pain when witchcraft manifests in her life.

Sickness is not from God. We have authority over it, but many times we like to grumble and complain and confess how bad off we are, which only strengthens the enemy's grip on us. The devil brings what Jonah 2:8 calls "lying vanities" against you to make you think something is wrong so you'll confess it out of your mouth and open the door for it to settle.

So, nothing is wrong. But witches make you think something is wrong. So then you say something is wrong and that causes something to actually be wrong? Have I got that straight?

 3. Just plain worn out. If you've slept eight hours, had a tall cup of coffee and you still feel like you've been run over by a truck, witchcraft could be attacking you. This is one of the ways witchcraft comes after me. I've learned not to give in by laying down for a nap that turns into four or five hours of witchcraft-induced sleep. If you are eating well, sleeping well, exercising well and living well—and if you are generally healthy—you shouldn't feel like you're walking through quicksand. This could be a witchcraft attack.

Or a health problem. Maybe sleep apnea? Or iron deficiency? Or hypothyroid? Sure, you could go to a doctor and find out, but he's just going to tell you it's witchcraft and writ you a prescription for weeping and standing.