Thursday, January 21, 2010

Congratulations, Massachusetts!

Excellent Work, Massachusetts!

You've managed to replace the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, with this guy:

Brown for US Senate 100309 010 by justinw4kli225.
New US Senator Scott Brown, seen here giving the "thumbs up" to a
blank computer screen.

Wow! Nice choice. Brown is the kind of guy that one would normally refer to as an "empty suit" except, um. . . . You know. . .

So, kind of the opposite, I guess.

And not only are there sorta-nekkid photos of Scott Brown, apparently half-nekkidness runs in the family.

scott brown

Yep, those are his daughters.

Now I'm sure a lot of fellas out there are wondering if these two lovely ladies might be available? Well, let's ask the man himself!

So good job, Massachusetts! You've managed to put your state into the same national embarrassment category as Minnesota

and Oklahoma

But more than that, you gave the weak-ass cowardly Democrats on Capitol Hill the cover they needed to continue to do nothing of substance. Now when they either fail to pass ahealthcare bill at all or, more likely, pass a watered-down industry-friendly turd of a bill, they can blame it on the brilliant voters of Massachusetts, who cost them their filibuster-proof majority. Without you, when they passed the kidney stone of a bill that is likely to come out of the Senate, they would have had no excuse. Now they can wring their hands and cry "well, gosh folks, we tried our best. Those darn Republicans just stopped us." instead of facing up to their own failures and maybe seeing some primary challenges from Democrats who are a little less beholden to insurance industry money and maybe aren't afraid of their own fucking shadows.

Nice work, Massachusetts!