Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Appropriate Songs for Today

Something Wonderful Is Happening.


And it's happening in Wisconsin, the home of "Fightin' Bob" LaFollette

But it's not only Wisconsin.

It's already spread to Ohio!

Keith Angel  
And Walks for Choice are being planned in cities all over America.
I think we may be seeing the resurrection of American Progressives.
For thirty-plus years, progressives and working folk in general have been getting slapped in the face and punched in the gut by the well-funded organized armies of the right. Unions have been busted, wages have stagnated, the media has been corrupted to the point that it now reflects a full range of viewpoints, from garden-variety conservative to hard-right theocracy. Companies have been allowed to send low-skilled jobs to China, high-skilled jobs to India, the profits to the Caymans and the tax burden onto the rest of us, all while enjoying tax break after tax break to the point that many corporations pay no taxes at all.
Every time we think we may be getting somewhere we get disappointed by someone like Bill "NAFTA" Clinton or Barack "Card check, what card check?" Obama. But it seems like maybe the ascendancy of the Tea Baggers may have been the final straw. 
(someone like this being taken seriously could make anyone snap!)
And by the way, Fuck you, Jon Stewart for referring to the Wisconsin protests as the "Bizarro Teaparty." Do you really not see the difference? You may not agree with the protesters in Madison, but what they are protesting against is something real. The Tea Baggers  were up in arms about death panels and Marxist/Nazi tyranny and all manner of paranoid bullshit. They were spectacularly mis-informed and organized by big money groups like "Freedom Works" and promoted relentlessly by a major cable "news" network. It's not the same thing!


Oh, God Damn It! Really?

Okay, but anyway, this could still be the start of something big, in spite of that one idiot.

 And I'm sorry, Jon Stewart, I still love you!