Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hold On, Ladies! The Solution to All Your Problems is On the Way!

Teri Hatcher to the Rescue!

NEW YORK (AP) — Teri Hatcher is launching a Web project titled
"A Chick's Guide to Life."
Hatcher said the site will offer "solutions to the needs and obligations of today's modern woman."

Because who knows more about the problems that average women face than Teri Hatcher?

Get ready for sage advice from someone who once played Lois Lane, and was on an episode of Seinfeld!

Here are a few sneak previews that I totally made up:

Trouble with your kids? Why not hire a separate nanny for each?

Struggling to lose weight? Maybe your personal trainer should be coming to your house twice a day? Or maybe your dietician needs to have a word with your kitchen staff!

Money woes? Don't be afraid to make a quick buck doing made-for-TV movies. Lifetime is always hiring!

Can't decide between the Mercedes and the Lexus? Why not get both?


And don't miss Teri's tips on making love with Pierce Brosnan! (hint: think handcuffs!)