Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Trying to defend the indefensible

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Here's  businessman, media personality and all around douchenozzle Wayne Allyn Root explaining why Drumpf didn't actually do the thing he totally does all the time and brags about doing:

“If you’re a Christian, you just can’t spend your life worrying about the words of Donald Trump from 11 years ago, or what women he groped 30 years ago. I don’t believe any of it anyway. I believe Donald Trump is one of the handsomest billionaires that’s [sic] ever lived; I don’t think he ever had to grope a single woman ever. I think they threw themselves at him, so it’s all a lie.”

You know, I used to think that about Bill Clinton. Of course, this was back in the 90's when I was still relatively young and naive, not a 55-year-old man of the world, so I had some excuse. When rape allegations began to surface against Bill Clinton, I thought "this guy is rich, famous, charismatic, and I'm told a lot of women think he's dreamy. Why would he have to force himself on anyone? He would have no trouble finding women to have sex with him."  I used to be equally perplexed when I heard stories about professional or college athletes being charged with sexual assault. "These guys must have their pick of women. Why would they need to attack the one girl who isn't willing?"

Now, of course I'm older and less stupid, and I realize that men in that position, men who generally have no trouble finding eager, willing sex partners due at least in part to their status, are probably more likely to commit this type of horrible crime. Instead of saying "oh, you don't want to do it? That's okay, there's plenty who do!" a lot of these men are apt to say "oh, you don't want to do it? Who the hell do you think you are? Do you know who I am? You don't say 'no' to ME!"

Leaving that aside, I do find it interesting to see that within three sentences, Wayne goes from "who cares how many women he groped?" to "Ah, he didn't grope any women!" Also, I'm no theologian, but I'm pretty sure that Christianity doesn't include a statute of limitations on groping strange women. You don't get to go to the Pearly Gates and say "ah, c'mon! That was like thirty years ago!" and get ushered in to Heaven. I'm pretty sure that however long ago you committed sexual assault, you have to repent and seek forgiveness. You don't get to just blow it off because of a time lapse.


Former Governor of Arizona and current wackadoo Jan Brewer decided to go with the lunatic babble approach to defending Trump.

"He's been waterboarded by these issues," Brewer replied. "It seems like it's been somewhat of a put-up impression on Donald Trump from all these people lining up. It's just unbelievable. And anybody that's been under those kinds of assaults, I think would want to defend themselves."
"Donald Trump is authentic and he tells it like it is," she added. "And he went out and told the public exactly what he's going to deliver when he become president of the United States."

WATERBOARDED? I don't even know what to say. How does one respond to such an offensive and yet nonsensical claim? I got nothing.


Trump Junior, proof positive that the turd doesn't fall far from the asshole, decided to go with the "hey, c'mon. Everyone brags about sexual assault" approach.

“Obviously he’s not happy about that, but I think we probably all know guys who have had conversations with other guys that go a little bit in that direction, that’s a fact of life,” Trump Jr. said.
“I think he’s able to relate to ordinary Americans because in many cases he is still very much like that. He does do that. He hasn’t spent his whole life sitting there polishing every statement he’s ever made, every conversation he’s ever had,” he added.

I mean, for Pete's sake, you're not gonna sit there and act like you've never committed a sex crime and then bragged about it, are you? I mean, if he had planned on running for president, he never would have admitted to these crimes. So you can't hold it against him 'cuz he didn't know he'd be running for president some day. Right? I rest my case!