Monday, February 10, 2014

Bad Ads -- Subaru

I don't understand the point of Subaru's new campaign

What is the point supposed to be? What message are they trying to get across? Their cars can be driven by dogs? That can't be the point, because obviously their cars can not be driven by dogs. Is the point that it's cute when dogs do people things? Sure, it is cute, but what does that have to do with Subaru? They don't say a damn thing about the car in the whole ad except the ridiculous nonsense about "dog tested, dog approved." And what is the point of that slogan? Obviously, dogs did not test nor approve of these cars. And if they had, that wouldn't really be much of an endorsement. Dogs love everything. They're idiots. They eat their own feces.

The Missus is convinced that this ad, like most ads we hate, is aimed at Millenials, who, as she says, ruin everything. Seems as good an explanation as any.