Friday, June 10, 2016

Flashback Friday - Sister Double Happiness and the Dicks from Texas

I don't remember how I stumbled on to Sister Double Happiness in the early '90's. I did see them once in one of San Francisco's smaller clubs, but that was after i already had the cd.
Anyway, I hadn't thought much about them until I read an article on about a band called The Dicks from Texas. They talked about the lead singer - this guy:

and said his name was Gary Floyd. And I thought that couldn't possibly be the same Gary Floyd from Sister Double Happiness, could it? Then I read a bit further and sure enough:

Singer Gary Floyd left Austin for San Francisco with a new Dicks lineup including Tim Carroll, Sebastian Fuchs, and current Imperial Teen drummer. Lynn Perko. 

Well, Lynn Perko was deefinitely the drummer for SDH, so that's got to be the same Gary Floyd. 

So, please to enjoy a few selections from Sister Double Happiness and the Dicks