Friday, October 8, 2010

You Know How I Know This Thing is a Scam?

You know how I know that "Seize the Day" is a scam?

Well, first because Sarah the grifter Palin is involved, but also because of this:

Seize the Day

$4.95 per person? You got Palin, Laura Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Bill O'Reilly, etc. You're renting out Philips Arena (home of the NBA Hawks) and you're charging 5 bucks? Or $20 for the whole gang? Smells like everyone involved has a book to sell.

And all the participants seem to be speaking on subjects that were just assigned randomly.

Laura Bush on "Personal Empowerment?"


What does she know a bout personal empowerment? First, marry into one of the country's wealthiest, most powerful families. Then, get your idiot coked-up husband clean and sober and wait for him to stumble bass-ackwards into the presidency. Then just let the speaking engagements roll in!

PalinHeader PalinSmall

Overcoming obstacles. Really. Unless the obstacles are your own dumbness, laziness and willful ignorance, I don't really see what she knows about overcoming obstacles. I mean, she's not exactly a "when the going gets tough" person. When the going got tough in Alaska, she up and quit. Any obstacle that can't be overcome with a wink a smile and a folksy "you betcha!" is probably not going to be overcome by Ms. Palin.


In the world of football, few players have come close to Terry Bradshaw's proven ability to build and lead winning teams.

Look, Terry Bradshaw was a fine quarterback, but he certainly did not "build" his teams. The Steelers have a front office full of player-personnel guys who draft, sign, and trade for players.
And they had Chuck Knoll, a Hall-of-Fame coach to lead them.


Ben Stein's career has covered the gamut – from acting and game shows to political speech writing and social commentary. And he's done it with a wry style that has made him a national celebrity.

So, nowhere in there is there any mention of him ever being any kind of businessman. And yet his topic is "business innovation?" His "business" is writing whiny columns and speaking in a flat, grating monotone. Which I guess, in a way, is a sort of innovation. Prior to Stein, it was assumed that a spokesman or actor would speak in a pleasant, expressive way. So, Ben's sort of a maverick, I guess.

LesSmall Les Brown has been motivating people for years to overcome their circumstances and achieve their dreams. It is an authentic message from Les, who was born in poverty and ignored by the education system, only to rise up and become one of the most acclaimed motivational speakers and authors of the day. He is a true American success story.

Les Brown? Without his band of Renown?
You know, it really seems shady that your road to success was teaching others to be successful. How does one become an inspiring motivational speaker without having first been successful in some other field? It doesn't make sense. How do you get that first gig?
Hey, some guy who was born poor and is apparently not well-educated wants to know if we'd like to hire him as a motivational speaker.
Hell, yes We would!

Kids, I'm here to teach you the secret of success. Step one, get people to pay you to teach them the secret of success. That is all.

So I gotta think that this whole thing is a scam. No one is allowed to leave without buying an armload of shitty books or something.

Plus, Sarah Palin is involved.