Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sarah Palin Finds Something Else She Can Quit

Now she can quit paying people for services rendered!

From the Salt Lake Tribune:

Check from Palin in the mail?

Sarah Palin not only annoyed leaders of the Utah Republican Party when she didn't have time for them during her book signing stop in Salt Lake City last week. She also took off from her hotel after arranging for a last-minute hair appointment without paying the hairdresser and leaving her to cover her own valet parking.

But Rhonda Halliday of Images Hair Studio and Day Spa wants to give Palin the benefit of the doubt. She thinks the lack of payment was unintended, and someone on Palin's staff just dropped the ball.

Right, if anyone deserves the benefit of the doubt, it's Caribou Barbie! She might actually be air-headed enough to not realize that haircuts cost money.

Halliday was called by a friend at 8 a.m. last Wednesday and was told Palin needed her hair done that morning. Halliday had planned to take her 3-year-old to the dentist for her first filling that morning, but arranged for her husband to get off work for that chore.

The world must come to a halt so Sarah "jes' plain folks" Palin can get her hair did!

She was told to meet the group at the Monaco Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City and to just leave her car with valet parking.

After being ushered to a room on the 15th floor and given some instructions (don't talk to Palin unless she talks first) she did Palin's hair while the former Alaska governor chatted with her family.

Palin actually does a worse job of putting on the "aw shucks, jest folks" schtick than Jennifer "Still Jenny from the block" Lopez. Don't speak unless she speaks to you? The fucking queen of England is the only other one I know of with that rule. What is she, the Barbara Streisand of politics?

Then, the Palin party left to get to the book signing at Costco on time.

Halliday was the last one out of the room because she had to put her equipment away, then watched as they all drove off without anyone mentioning payment or a tip, which is common when the hairdresser travels to the client for the appointment.

Only Washington Insider Elitists tip! Tipping is socialist! If you tip the commoners, soon they'll forget their place and may try to make eye contact with you.

When the valet attendant got her car, he said that would be $10. She said she was with the Palin party and assumed they would take care of parking. That was news to him, so she had to fork over the $10.

Nice touch! Not only does the poor hairdresser not get paid, she's actually out ten bucks!

She says her friend has contacted Palin's assistant and was told to send them an invoice.

Have your people call my people?

Next time someone tells you about what a down-to-earth, real person Saint Sarah is, send them a link to the Salt lake Journal story about Palin and her entourage. At least you'll get a few moments' peace while they try to figure out how best to spin the story.