Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I've been very busy lately

Between this weekend's scooter rally

And watching the Giants kick a bunch of red tail-feathers all over the bay,

I've been neglecting my blogging duties.

But no more.

I have one day before the World Series begins, so time to get caught up.

Let's see, what have I missed?

Tagg Romney would like to take a swing at President Obama? Seriously?

I double-dog dare you, Tagg. Seriously, you don't have to worry about the Secret Service. the only thing that might keep the Prez from dropping you like a sack of wet laundry is if the First Lady got to you first.

You prissy little yuppie, you want to go around taking swings at people who call your father a liar? It's gonna be a long fuckin night, 'cuz everyone calls your father a liar. Is your indignation tempered at all by the fact that your father is actually a huuuuuuge liar? That he lies as easily and glibly as any sociopath?

Mitt Romney is a liar! Come at me, bro!

Let's see, what else has been going on?

Oh, I see deadbeat dad Joe Walsh has graduated from the Todd Akin school of lady-parts-ology.

Asked by reporters after the debate if he was saying that it’s never medically necessary to conduct an abortion to save the life of a mother, Walsh responded, “Absolutely.”

“With modern technology and science, you can't find one instance,” he said. “... There is no such exception as life of the mother, and as far as health of the mother, same thing.

You know, I'm no doctor or scientist or anything, heck I don't even have a uterus, but even I know someone who very nearly died from a tubal pregnancy. So, that's one instance right there. What makes these right-wing fellas think they know so much about the female reproductive system?

Oh, and some creepy white-supremacist guy was caught throwing away voter registration forms in Virgina, which is obviously a federal crime, but don't worry, he was working for the Republican party, so that pretty much means it was all on the up-and-up, not like ACORN!

Scary monsters  
This guy couldn't possibly have any nefarious objectives!

State Board of Elections won’t ask attorney general to investigate worker arrested for dumping voter registrations

Sure, no investigation needed here, because, um. . . . wait, why?

RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) – The State Board Of Elections says it will not ask Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to investigate the case of a Republican Party contract worker, accused of throwing voter registration forms in the trash. . . .

“There’s no way to tell by party when people fill out these forms, what party they’re affiliated with, so I don’t think there’s any political motivation,”  Virginia Registrar Brandi Lilly said Friday.

There's just no way of knowing whether that voter lives in a heavily Democratic precinct, or is, say, oh, I don't know, black, or female.
And even if there really actually somehow was no partisan political motivation for this creep to throw out voter registrations, the fact remains that he was throwing out voter registrations, denying citizens their right to vote while employed by the Republican party.

Oh, and also this:
(via C&L)

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So, the guy throwing away voter registrations not only was a contract worker for the GOP, his profession is "Grassroots Field Director" for the RNC. But, surely there is no partisan agenda at work here!

I keep hearing people talking about how confident they are that Barack Obama is going to be re-elected because Mitt Romney is such a dismal, unlikable piece of work, and I wince every time I hear it. Because they don't seem to be taking in to account the amount of chicanery the GOP is going to throw at the election. They are already doing everything in their power to suppress the vote via voter ID laws, and restricting early voting. They've been caught changing addresses on Democratic voter registrations in Florida, "True the Vote" is training assholes to challenge voters at the polls in swing states, and oh, by the way TAGG ROMNEY BOUGHT THE COMPANY THAT SUPPLIES THE VOTING MACHINES IN OHIO, which pretty much makes us an official banana republic now.

Hart Intercivic supplies voting machines that will be used in Hamilton County, Ohio, one of the state’s most populous counties. In 2008, Barack Obama won the county with 209,000 votes—his third highest vote total among all Ohio’s 88 counties.
H.I.G. Capital, a large investment fund, is a “significant investor” in Hart Intercivic, according to an announcement put out last year by Hart. And H.I.G., in turn, is one of the largest partners, with nearly $10 billion of equity capital, of  Solamere Capital, the investment fund founded and run by Tagg Romney, Mitt’s eldest son, The Nation recently reported*.
Mitt Romney seeded the firm with a $10 million investment, offered strategic advice, and was the featured speaker at its first investor conference in 2010, The Nation reported.
 Wow. I think I was alot happier not paying attention to all this shit.

Can we just go ahead and start the World Series now?