Tuesday, April 16, 2019

We Need More AOC's

This was an actual headline in today's Yahoo News:

 Robert Schroeder,MarketWatchOcasio-Cortez refuses to meet with bank executives

Well good.
If only more Representatives and Senators would refuse to meet with these sociopaths.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hasn't met with bank executives despite overtures made to her since she took office in January, according to a Fox Business report.

Oh no!
Why I'll bet she didn't meet with any arms dealers or meth-producers either!
How the hell did we get to the point where this is news?
How did we get to the point that someone felt like they needed to write an article about a member of Congress who actually doesn't think that part of her job is to check with Jamie Dimon to see what laws he wants passed?
How is it a story when a representative of the people doesn't feel the need to get the approval of Goldman Sachs before attempting to legislate?

No one should meet with these parasites. Unless it's to tell them in excruciating detail how their little empires are going to be dismantled and how much they should expect to be paying in fines and penalties and good ol' fashioned taxes.

But of course, someone who writes for an outlet named "Market Watch" would see this as some sort of pearl-clutchiungly shocking dereliction of duty.

The New York congresswoman has chosen to have no relationship with bank chiefs at all, even as officials have reached out to discuss issues with her, Fox Business wrote.

Oh my God! They've reached out to her to "discuss" issues! They only want to "discuss" issues, like any other constituent! Why oh why have they been so coldly rebuffed? I'm sure they had no intention of attempting to bribe, strong-arm, or otherwise unduly influence her votes on banking issues. I mean, imagine if Elliot Ness had refused to meet with Al Capone to discuss the enforcement of prohibition laws. What if FDR had refused to have a civilized discussion with Adolph Hitler as regards to whether or not the U.S. should enter the War? Then where would we be?

 The report said sources at both JPMorgan Chase & Co.  and Citigroup    said Ocasio-Cortez hasn’t met with the chief executives of those banks, whom she needled at a House Financial Services Committee hearing last week. And Fox Business said press officials at Goldman Sachs Bank of America and Morgan Stanley  wouldn’t deny they have not met with the freshman Democrat.

You know, every time I think I couldn't possibly love AOC more, I read something like this.

And honestly, if it wasn't so predictable, the entitlement of these banksters would be just stunning. I mean, my Congressman has never met with me either, but you don't see me calling up some douchey reporter to complain about it. (I actually did briefly meet my Congressman, the great John Lewis, at the Inman Park Festival. He complimented my wife's Colin Kaepernick t-shirt.)

Image result for "the nation" magazine kaepernick cover

This, but on a T-shirt.

Fox Business said a spokeswoman for Ocasio-Cortez didn’t respond to requests for comment. The report notes the majority of New York City’s elected officials regularly meet with executives from the big banks

Yes. We know. That's half the problem. That's why people like Schumer and Gillibrand are so useless. They won't tie their shoes unless someone from Citigroup tells them it's okay.

We need more of this. Much more. We need more representatives who represent the people. We need representatives who will stand up and say "I don't really care what you want, Bank of America, I care about the citizens of America." We need more AOC's.