Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goddammit, Weiner!


Do you have any idea what you've done? Sure, you may have torpedoed your own political career, and, if your beard wife  has any backbone, destroyed your marriage, but that's nothing. Who cares about your stupid career? Do you know what you have done? 

We were finally getting to the point where Andrew "the angriest turd" Breitbart could be dismissed out of hand. Even the incredibly gullible corporate media had to be starting to have some reservations about this shitbag's utter lack of credibility and decency. And then you go and PROVE HIM RIGHT? You idiot!

Now, for the rest of his scum-sucking life, any time Breitbart comes out with one of his vile and vicious slanders, people are going to say "well, he was right about Weiner!"

It's like when Drudge turned out to be right about the blue dress. No one remembers all the times he's been dead wrong, they remember the fucking dress. Now, no one is going to remember that the ACORN smear was a malicious libel, and the Shirley Sherrod defamation was a savage fraud, and the NPR hit piece was a malevolent distortion. They'll just remember "he was right about Weiner!" Way to go, genius! What the hell were you thinking anyway? Why would you send pictures. . .


. . .Oh. I see. 

I guess if I were someone with a public image like this:


I could see where I might really really want people to know about this:

But still.

I'd probably just let this picture speak for itself: