Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jim Cramer

I used to think that Jim Cramer was just a raving lunatic who brings the sensibilities of a morning-zoo DJ to the world of high finance.
Then, when he insisted that Bear Sterns was fine 48 hiurs before bear Sterns went belly-up, I figured he was just a moron.
But now, this video has surfaced showing Cramer bragging about the ways he used to illegally manipulate the markets when he ran a hedge fund.

This shameless rat bastard needs to go down! He needs to do time. His shitty advice probably did as much harm to peoples' retirement funds as Bernie Madoff (who at least has the decency to plead guilty) Let's organize a posse and bring this scumbag in, dead or alive!
(note: not an actual incitement to violence or vigilantism, blogger is speaking metaphorically.)