Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New FCC Rule

There must be at least one Palin on TV at all times.

L to R: Todd,  Nutterbutter, Bristol, Thumbtack, Other Bristol.

Bristol Palin Says Reality Show Will Present Her as a 'Grounded, Normal Mom'

Because what is more normal than being followed around by TV cameras all day?

And what could be more "grounded" than the idea that you deserve to be treated as a celebrity without having accomplished a damn thing?

Palin will star in her own reality TV show. "Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp," will feature 10 half-hour episodes that will air on the Lifetime network starting June 19.
Palin, 21, sat down recently with "Good Morning America" anchor Robin Roberts to talk about the show.
Asked what it was to have cameras watching her every move, every hour of every day, she replied: "I don't really think you get used to all of it but Tripp was used to it the whole time.

But then, he's a lot more mature and intelligent than I am!

Roberts also asked Palin how her mother felt about her doing the series.
"You know, she supports me and she knows that I have good judgment so she is definitely in support of it," Palin replied.

Um, at what point have you demonstrated "good judgement?"
I think your mother saw an opportunity for you to get a bunch of money without doing anything and said "hell, yeah. You should jump on that scam right away!"

And the young woman's strong support of her mother is clearly demonstrated in the show, when she engages in a heated verbal exchange at a bull-riding bar with a man whose political views are different from those of her famous mother.
"I think if somebody is going to talk poorly about my mom, I am going to pick and choose my battles and a battle like that, I chose to confront him and see what the real problem was," she said,

Aww, she's already talking gibberish! Sarah must be so proud!

Proudly as a peacock of where I would! 
Mama Grizzly!

"and I'm excited for viewers to see the real me in that, because I'm sitting there all tough and shaking and I'm acting tough and instantly when it's over, it's like, 'OK, there's the real Bristol,' because I am calling my boyfriend, I'm calling my mom. 'Ah, get me out of here,' people are going to see the real Bristol in this show."

So even Bristol doesn't know who the real Bristol is? You see the "real Bristol" when she's "sitting there all tough," but then the real Bristol is calling her mom and her boyfriend? The real Bristol says "ah, get me out of here?" I don't get it.

She added that the real Bristol Palin is "a grounded, normal mom."

Ah, that's the real Bristol. Just a normal, grounded mom picking fights in redneck bars from 1981, I guess, because who still has bull-riding in a bar these days?

But sometimes, one Palin is not enough.

TV: Todd Palin to be on ‘Stars Earn Stripes’

Yes, Todd. The quiet Palin. The Kourtney to Sarah's Kris and Bristol's Khloe.
They're the Kardashians of right-wing politics would be the main take-away from that joke.

By Lisa De Moraes, Tuesday, June 19, 7:43 PM

Sarah Palin’s husband, Todd, is among those competing in NBC’s new reality series “Stars Earn Stripes,” the network revealed Tuesday.

This is not entirely surprising, given that “SES” exec producer Mark Burnett also exec-produced Sarah’s TLC reality series “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” And late last year, word around Hollywood was that Sarah and Burnett were pitching a reality series about Todd’s career as a championship snowmobile racer. Apparently, there were no takers.

No takers? Who wouldn't want to watch a show about a creepy secessionist trying to escape his atrocious wife's enormous shadow by riding around in a snowmobile and referring to it constantly as a "snow machine" even though a snow machine is something entirely different, a machine which makes artificial snow for ski resorts? I know I'd watch that. Under certain circumstances.


Yeah, that would do it.

 Each week on “Stars Earn Stripes,” the competitors, teamed with members of the military or law enforcement, will attempt to complete “missions” inspired by military exercises. The winnings will be donated to first-responder and veterans groups. Todd, for example, is playing for Armed Services YMCA Alaska, NBC said.

Wow! I'm pretty sure that's the first time a Palin has ever done anything to benefit anyone else. I mean, I'm sure he's getting paid to be on the show, and he is helping feed the family fame-addiction, but still. Armed Services YMCA sounds like a good cause. Not good enough to forgive the upcoming "Real Housewives of Wasilla" show, but still. Pretty nice.

Um, you get re-elected?

You get to have rehabilitating your image become a cottage industry?

You get huge fees for making stupid speeches?