Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Open Letter to Football Announcers.

Dear Football Announcers,
We are aware of which sport we are watching. We saw in the TV Guide "NFL Football" or "College Football," so we tuned in to your broadcast fully expecting to see football. We get it. There is no need to work the word "football" into every goddamned sentence.

You really don't need to say "This football team is really going to have to run the football better if they're going to win this football game." We're not going to be confused. No one is going to be watching an NFL game asking, "Why don't they bunt? Oh, that's right, they're playing football! I totally got my sports mixed up!"

We're not stupid. You can just say "This team" or "Throw the ball" and we'll understand what you mean.

Thank you.